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How I Wore It

While I really enjoyed posting my "a dress, a day" posts on Instagram, but I was taking more photos than I was acquiring more dresses for the racks of Inherited.  The second-most-asked question I get as the seller of vintage clothing is, "How do I wear vintage without looking like an extra on Mad Men or That 70s Show?" 

There are many ways to wear vintage without looking like you're in a costume. What's great about fashion is that there are always elements of historical trends that get reinterpreted. 1980s strong shoulder pads were actually inspired by the strong-shouldered women's suits of the 1940s, and many 1970s bohemian dresses borrow elements from Edwardian gowns. Everything old is new again. I thought it would be fun to show how I'd mix and match vintage pieces from Inherited's collection to create looks that are completely wearable and not costumey. Follow along for visual inspiration from my pals and me, as I style vintage pieces with other retro (or modern) pieces for lots-o-looks, and let me know if there are any specific modern trends you'd like to see using vintage pieces!

Retro Swim.

A Dress, A Day