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Collecting Vintage Art.

Back in January, I was scrolling through one of my favorite sites for interior design inspiration: MyDomaine. Domaine is great about suggesting items inspired by the look of any particular home tour, in case you want to adapt the look for your own space. As I scrolled through photos of the Los Angeles home of designer and antique shop owner Brenda Antin, I saw one of Inherited's antique portraits as a recommended item! 

Paintings are a powerful way to add to your interior decor. Beyond adding to a room's color scheme, art sets a mood. Whether it's an amateur still life of a bright bunch of flowers or a professional antique portrait of someone who could be your brooding ancestor, vintage and antique art makes a room a space reflects you.

The item sold right away (thanks, Domaine!), but I've got several other one-of-a-kind paintings, including portraits, available here. These are my two favorites in the shop right now:

I did a quick styling of one of another amateur portrait in the shop. It adds dimension and color to the room and can be a fun way to tie the space together. It gives the room a little bit of feeling. I love feelings. 

Do you collect vintage artwork? If so, I'd love to see your collection or favorite piece!

A vintage bride.

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