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Dressing by the Mood and Moment

This winter, I've really relished solitude. I've managed to finally step away from social media for long enough to read a few books, and I can feel my imagination starting to churn again. I've been meaning to read more about the Mitford sisters, so I've started with these books

Not that my life draws many parallels with that of a British aristocratic family living eccentrically in a stately home in the Cotswolds, but sometimes on a foggy morning, when I'm out with the dog in the field with my wellies on, I'm almost convinced I've entered a portal to their world. 

In regards to fashion, I imagine the Mitford gals—far from London and its style influences—put together outfit combinations of whatever existed in each other's wardrobes or whatever they may have found stashed in an old armoire. They wore what felt right, and what pleased their mood in the moment, with little thought or care of judgement from others. (If you know anything about the Mitfords, you know that they generally had little concern about what other people thought.) 

This morning, as I was procrastinating on my daily tasks, I thought to myself, "If I was invited out somewhere right now, with only the Inherited racks at my disposal, what would I put together?" And this is what came of it:

1940s-50s embroidered silk blouse

1950s black velour high-waisted pants

1970s Charles Jourdan burgundy suede sandals

...and a fox fur that I salvaged off an old coat that was worse for the wear

I feel like the jumble of textures, from velour to silk to suede to fur, and the mix of structures (from fluid, Asian-embroidered silk to the boxy high-waisted pants) feels just right to my Mitford-filled mind. 

This little exercise in throwing something together in a moment, choosing pieces that just feel right...it makes me want to dress this way more often. Not just throwing on the closest pair of jeans and the cleanest sweater (my current standard of dress for leaving the house), but relishing in a little spontaneity in my outfits.

Wardrobe ruts be damned. Thanks, Mitford ladies. 

Have you had any fun ways of getting yourself out of a wardrobe rut?

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