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It’s That Time of Year...

Why is it that when things get stressful, the things we love tend to fall by the wayside? Even though I accomplished some of my 2017 goals for Inherited, the shop went neglected more than I would have wished.

Today offers a fresh start. Without further ado, here are my 2018 goals for Inherited:

Consistency: For a while, I’ll be on a roll. I’ll regularly launder, mend, photograph, and list items. And then...a month (or more) of nothing, as life and other distractions take over. While I’ll never be a “New items [every day/every Tuesday]” type of seller, I’m going to attempt to keep the shop fresh and regularly updated.

Communication: This is the first time I’ve blogged since February 2016. I get inspired for the shop all the time, but rarely share my inspirations in writing. Similarly, with social media, I get stuck in ruts of only sharing items as they’re listed. Do vintage buyers like to see behind-the-scenes of finding vintage and laundering/mending it? Or do they like seeing more into the life of a vintage seller? I’m going to dabble with more variety on Instagram in 2018. Oh, and actually manage a newsletter...


Culling: One of the reasons I started a vintage shop was that I kept buying vintage pieces that didn’t fit or weren’t my style, simply because I couldn’t bear to leave them behind. I still struggle with purchasing pieces that aren’t my ideal, simply because I want to “save” them. While I’ll never be one of those shopkeepers who only sells pieces within a certain era or color palette, I do want to only keep my shop stocked with pieces I truly love and am proud of. I’ll be weeding through my racks this year and offering some “not my style” pieces at rock-bottom prices. Stay tuned!

Curation: On that note, I’ve always struggled to define my personal style. In both my home and wardrobe, I’ve always been drawn to two sides of the design spectrum: pieces that feel a bit “masculine” with sturdy materials and strong lines, often in neutral tones, and feminine, delicate pieces in a wider color palette. I want to find a way to define what I’m drawn to, if that’s even possible, and make sense of it, visually.

Care: I’m ashamed to admit how few mending skills I have. I want to work to better my own mending skills and also find a tailor/seamstress that I trust in the area. (If anyone has recommendations in the Waynesville/Asheville, NC, area, please let me know!)

I think this list of goals will easily keep me occupied until 2019. If you’re a vintage seller, I’d love to know your goals for your own shop, and even if you aren’t, let me know if you identify with anything on this list, or if you have any thoughts about Inherited. All ideas welcome!

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