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Be Your Own Valentine.

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Valentine's day is under two weeks away, and the grocery store candy and card displays are out in full force. Some of us love to go all out for February 14th with flowers and chocolate and romantic dinners, while others look at it as just another day on the calendar. I'm somewhere in-between. I met my husband on Valentine's Day nearly five years ago, so this silly holiday has now become an unforgettable anniversary for the two of us. However, we generally avoid the dinner reservations and long-stemmed roses in exchange for sharing a good bottle of wine on the couch. 

I say this... celebrate love all year round. Why buy a romantic dress or feminine nightgown just for one February night when you can wear these pieces any night of the year? Celebrate love for your partner, love for your pals, or love for yourself every day. Whether or not you acknowledge Valentine's Day, I've picked out Cupid-approved dresses and pretty loungewear perfect for whenever you feel like showing a little love. 

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Dressing by the Mood and Moment

A vintage bride.